The power of @mentions

One of the most useful features of P2 is @mentions, which you may be familiar with if you use Twitter or Instagram. Type someone’s username with a @ in front, and they’ll be notified on their phone, in the WordPress app, or via email.

P2 @mentions are an effective way to move work forward: ask a teammate to review a draft, or a stakeholder to weigh in on a discussion. Use an @mention to draw someone’s attention to the precise task or question that you need them to see. It’s a simple, intuitive way to get people involved and engaged.

Also use @mentions to encourage a healthy flow of information, and to help people prioritize what to read and pay attention to. While team members can always skim the latest P2 activity at any time, @mentions ensure that they’ll see time-sensitive and crucial information. It creates a very smooth way to prioritize communication.

Be mindful of other people’s time and use @mentions with care: tag teammates only when needed to avoid unnecessary “noise”. If you find early on that @mentions are more intrusive than helpful, have an open discussion with your team or establish basic guidelines for when @mentions are appropriate.

@mentions also work best when there’s some context — especially if you’re mentioning multiple people or adding new people to an existing conversation. You might ask two colleagues to chime in on the same discussion: one person needs to take a specific action, while the other just needs to be informed. Add a little instruction after the @mentions that explains exactly what you need from each of them, like: “@person, can you review this document?” or “@person, have a look at this, just so you’re aware”.

@mentions are a useful, intuitive feature that you probably already know how to use — and that play a big role in streamlining your team’s communication.

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