How to onboard your team

Getting started on a new tool can take some time, and it can be even more challenging when your entire team is starting at the same time. But it can be exciting to learn something new together!

It’s important to prepare and welcome colleagues as they join. Before sending an invite, we recommend publishing  at least one post on P2 to welcome them, so they immediately have something to read and interact with once they join. 

Point them also to some of the documentation. Some people may be comfortable playing around and experimenting, others prefer to read and get up to speed before engaging. Both are OK Just make sure everyone’s learning preferences are supported.

Speaking of getting started, it’s useful to provide details not just about P2 in general — like this very article you’re reading — but also about how your group will specifically use P2. Spend time chatting with colleagues in the beginning, or provide information in other forms. And if you’re all new and the P2 is newly launched, take time together to experiment. You can always delete any posts you add and start fresh at any time.

Another recommendation, especially at the beginning, is to find the right way to be notified of content and comments — one that works for you. P2 defaults to sending you an email each time a new post is published, and you can configure that as you prefer, but you might also want to look into the WordPress Mobile app, which is compatible with P2 and allows you to get notifications on your phone.

Keep experimenting and refining until you find the mix that works for you.