Level Up: Tips for Better P2 Writing

Effective writing on P2s starts with clear thinking, solid writing skills, and the ability to edit for clarity. See also, Level Up: Tips for Better Writing.

Basic Principles

  • Aim for concise, short comments.
  • For longer text, use paragraph breaks, and add headings or bold section titles.
  • Connect the dots: reference other posts with links.
  • Use a descriptive title to aid recall. Sell your post with the title!
  • For progress updates, use active verbs and past tense to show action.
  • Be the resolution! Close open threads with a summary.

Tools and Techniques

  • Speed up with common shortcuts and text expansion.
  • For longer posts, start in Google Docs to edit, polish, and feedback before publishing.
  • Long posts benefit from headings or bolded phrases to separate sections.
  • Add tags. Find it easier later; it’s now in a thematic “bucket” on your P2.
  • Run a quick spelling and grammar check.

Effective P2 Writing Starts With Clear Thinking

Start with a clear message. What do you want to say?

Use an outline, keep to one main topic, and ask a teammate to read and give feedback. “Does it sound right? Tone and content?”

👉 See a checklist with more writing tips and techniques: Tips for Better Writing.

When replying, use short and direct comments with added links to connect the dots to items referenced. Even if you didn’t start the thread, take the initiative to wrap up a long thread with a clear decision.

Summarize your team highlights or project updates in a short, punchy list instead of copy-pasting the whole summary from another post for a “rollup” style update. Synthesize and remove cruft.

Know your audience and tailor the level of detail. Explain jargon or team- and product-specific names.

Good post titles matter for “evergreen” P2 posts because a descriptive title holds enough meaning on its own. Easier to find, share, and recall:

When Evergreen notes are factored and titled well, those titles become an abstraction for the note itself. The entire note’s ideas can then be referenced using that handle…


Learn and master techniques to speed up writing and editing such as “copy a full URL, paste it over a bit of text.” Use TextExpander’s built-in HTML helpers. Experiment with browser, Gutenberg/WordPress, and P2-specific keyboard shortcuts.